Juan Williams of Fox News talks justice, equity, inclusion during United Way of NNY town hall

By Rachel Burt

WATERTOWN — He was born in Panama and emigrated to the United States around the age of 4. He’s gained experience in the world of journalism, and is now a Fox News personality. Juan A. Williams is living a life his father never could’ve imagined for him — his very own version of the American Dream.

Thursday morning, the United Way of Northern New York hosted its first community-wide virtual town hall meeting on justice, equity, diversity and inclusion. The event featured Mr. Williams as a special guest who shared his perspective on race relations in the U.S. for more than 130 viewers and answered the questions they submitted.

“Today, given all this going on in the country, all the racial tensions, I think it’s very important to understand the pervasiveness of race in the way that we deal with each other, the way we talk to each other, how we see the world,” he said. “…I think part of this argument that we’re having about racism, it’s cultural, but it’s also systemic in terms of power and how power is exercised.”

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