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How It Works

1. The United Way has created unique relationships with local public school districts, businesses and colleges to function as facilitators of the ALICE Program

2. Problem Identification:

  • When the School Principal, Teacher or Guidance Counselor Recognizes a Child or Family in Crisis
  • When an Supervisor or HR Director Observes an Employee in Crisis
  • When a Counselor or Professor Notices a Student in Crisis

3. An On the Spot Solution is Developed Between the School/Business/College and the Individual or Family in Crisis

4. United Way of Northern New York Finalizes the Actions Needed for the Solution to be Completed with the Service Provider or Solution Provider Through Our ALICE Staff and ALICE Funding

5. Problem Solved

The Results

  1. Sense of Urgency to Address Immediate Challenges Faced by Our Friends, Family, Neighbors and Coworkers
  2. Reduces Mental Health Stressors
  3. Avoids the Prolonged Process of the Safety Net System, Which is Not Built for Speed Nor Compassion
  4. No More Challenges of Trying to Make Long Trips to Watertown, Canton or Lowville Just to Attend Appointments Where You’ll be Told, “You don’t qualify.”
  5. Stabilizes Family and Children and Minimizes Physical and Mental Health Impacts
  6. Empowers Key Community Members with the ALICE Tool to Immediately, “See a Problem – Solve a Problem”
  7. Best Practices Shared Throughout the Region

Other Ways to Give

Community ImpactProfessional DevelopmentCommunity Leadership
The United Way of Northern New York's community impact fund revolves around making key and timely investments to meet the priorities of each town, village and school district.  Our investments support:
  • Victims of Domestic Violence
  • Food Insecurity
  • Homelessness
  • Transportation for Disabled Residents or Those without Cars
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Treatment for Victims of Substance Abuse
  • Prevention of Substance Abuse
  • Higher Quality and Stable Medical Community 
  • Adult and Child Literacy
  • Affordable, Safe and Quality Childcare
  • Student Needs at All Public Schools
  • Use of SNAP Benefits at Farmers' Markets
  • Mental Healthcare for Students and Faculty
  • After-School Programs for Kids
  • Professional Development for Healthcare Providers
The United Way of Northern New York's Education and Training Center provides professional, best-in-class and affordable training for local businesses, nonprofits and individuals who are seeking to increase knowledge, improve capacity and perform at a higher level.  Our typical annual curriculum includes courses like:

Corporate Capacity Building
  • Strategic Planning
  • Financial Strategies
  • Board Member Trainings
  • Annual Operating and Budget Planning

Personal Development
  • Leadership Symposiums and Small Cohorts
  • Managing Employees
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Goal Setting and Personal Improvement Strategies

Professional Skill Development
  • Best Practices in Mental Healthcare
  • Initial and Refresher Training for First Responders
  • Grant Writing
  • Microsoft Excel
The United Way of Northern New York has taken a preeminent leadership role throughout the North County by meeting with key stakeholders in each town, village and school district to best understand the challenges, drive solutions, and align resources.  

United Way of Northern New York was awarded a US Department of Agriculture grant to form a food policy council, which will bring together the seven sectors of the food system in order to drive a more resilient food system in Northern New York.  From the small farmer and producers, to the processors and distribution companies, to retail and nonprofit consumers, to the disposal of waste that doesn't hurt the environment, United Way's Food Policy Council will create a system that incentivizes all members of the food system to ensure equal access and affordability for all residents, regardless of urban or rural, and economic standing.