Succession Planning

March 4, 2021



Date:  Thursday, March 4, 2021

Time: 8:00AM – 9:00AM EST

Location: Virtual via Zoom


Most nonprofit organizations face a succession of leadership during the life of the organization if the nonprofit organization is going to exist past the founding executive leader. This session will provide an opportunity for nonprofit organization founding executive leaders to explore how their beliefs impact the extent to which they are thinking about, talking about, and engaging in succession planning.


  • Explore the method of “long-term succession thinking” within the context of day-to-day operations and strategy of founder-led nonprofit organizations
  • Explore tool on Considerations of Succession Planning
  • Learn about relevant resources used in a qualitative study, as well as in consultative practice around this topic


Dr. Eastman is a dynamic and thoughtful leader with over twenty years of hands-on experience directing innovative operational initiatives, designing and implementing programs, and managing day-to-day business operations in the corporate, private, and nonprofit sectors.

She takes a human-centered approach to designing organizational processes, systems, and infrastructure that support the fulfillment of an organization’s mission. As both an “internal consultant” leading operations, and as a nonprofit capacity building consultant, Dr. Eastman seeks to support organizations and leaders by meeting them where they are at through listening, asking questions, and co-creating solutions that further support their work.

Dr. Eastman is passionate about serving community-based nonprofit organizations and supporting activities that are critical to their long-term viability. Her doctorate in Executive Leadership focused on research exploring the lived experience of nonprofit founder’s beliefs around the life of their organizations.


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