Successful Strategies for Recruiting, Managing, and Retaining Volunteers

April 29, 2021



Date:  Thursday, April 29, 2021

Time: 11:30AM – 12:00PM EST

Location: Virtual via Zoom


Volunteers can be an incredible asset to a nonprofit organization, dedicating time, and talent to supporting the mission of an organization. This session will provide an overview of the foundational pieces of an effective volunteer management program, timely ideas for further developing your volunteer management program (or pivoting to virtual), and trends in volunteer management. Different types of volunteers (e.g., retired professionals, college students) and different types of volunteer experiences (e.g., project based, long-duration) require different recruitment approaches, and during this session we will explore the most common.


  • Learn what it takes to get a volunteer management program up and running including recruiting, engagement, and retention
  • Explore tools and techniques to effectively manage your volunteers and support continued engagement
  • Using a self-assessment tool, identify strengths and opportunities within your existing volunteer management program
  • Gain access to a one-page guide that will support continued learning and idea sharing through free and low cost resources


Dr. Eastman is a dynamic and thoughtful leader with over twenty years of hands-on experience directing innovative operational initiatives, designing and implementing programs, and managing day-to-day business operations in the corporate, private, and nonprofit sectors.

She takes a human-centered approach to designing organizational processes, systems, and infrastructure that support the fulfillment of an organization’s mission. As both an “internal consultant” leading operations, and as a nonprofit capacity building consultant, Dr. Eastman seeks to support organizations and leaders by meeting them where they are at through listening, asking questions, and co-creating solutions that further support their work.

Dr. Eastman is passionate about serving community-based nonprofit organizations and supporting activities that are critical to their long-term viability. Her doctorate in Executive Leadership focused on research exploring the lived experience of nonprofit founder’s beliefs around the life of their organizations.


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