The United Way of NNY's $750,000 campaign for 2018 has gotten off to a good start, thanks to the 36 percent increase by the Watertown City School District.

The district is the first organization to turn in its United Way campaign, which totals $24,383. District employees last year pledged a total of $17,957.

Employees are donating $12,786 for all United Way nonprofit partners and $11,597 to the district's "Food 4 Families Pantry," its former backpack program, which was created in part with help from the United Way.

"The school district refers to itself as 'Team Awesome' and that's hard to argue with after looking at those numbers," said Bob Gorman, United Way CEO. For information on holding a United Way campaign, call the United Way at 315-788-5631.

12 October 2017