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The United Way of Northern New York’s Community Impact program is designed to maximize the positive outcomes for each distinct community located in Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence Counties.

Through thought leadership and facilitating collaboration with local communities, training of nonprofits to meet prioritized needs, and laser-focused funding to solve challenges, our Community Impact plan has three pillars:

Improving Survivability in The Most Vulnerable Communities

  • Supporting Food and Social Work Programs That Serve Vulnerable Families, Seniors and Veterans
  • Supporting ALICE Families Who Are Susceptible to the Benefit Cliff and Rapidly Deteriorating Situational Poverty
  • Meeting the Transportation Needs of Rural Residents to Attend Medical Appointments, Grocery Shopping and Other Essential Trips
  • Supporting Victims of Domestic Violence to Regain Safety and Stability in Their Lives

Supporting Children

  • Providing Schools with Funds for Student Coats, Boots, Mittens and Other Essentials
  • Providing Quality and Safe Childcare for Babies and Toddlers
  • Providing Quality and Safe After-School Programs for School-Age Children
  • Providing Pre-K Literacy Programs Through North Country Library System

Opportunity for Employment

  • Providing Quality and Safe Childcare to Allow Parents to Seek and Maintain Meaningful Employment
  • Providing Financial Relief to ALICE Families to Facilitate Employment and Quality of Life During Periods of Financial Stress
  • Providing Quality and Safe After-School Programs to Allow Parents to Work Full Time
  • Providing Adult Literacy Programs to Increase Employability and Increase Quality of Life
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Northern New York Individuals Assisted through ALICE Program


Utilized to Solve Northern New York ALICE Cases

North Country Community Partners for the ALICE Program


2021 Grant Funding to Improve the Lives of All Residents of NNY


  • Meet with Key Stakeholders from Every Village, Town and City
  • Understand Community Pressure Points and Challenges
  • Provide Critical Thought to Create Achievable Solutions
  • No Cookie Cutter Solution in North Country – Each Community is Unique


  • Provide Professional, Educational Forums for Organizations to Increase Program Effectiveness
  • Equip Agencies with Additional Fundraising Resources
  • Educate Community on Innovative and Best Practices
  • Foster Intimate Collaboration to Enhance Success


  • Targeted and Focused Funding Through Grants
  • Aligned with Community Priorities
  • Complements Other Funding Sources
  • Multi-Year Commitments to Create Stability

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