See how your donations are impacting local North Country organizations!

Individuals Impacted through United Way Funding


Utilized to Solve Northern New York ALICE Cases

North Country Community Partner Organizations


2023 Grant Funding to Improve the Lives of All Residents of NNY


  • Meet with Key Stakeholders from Every Village, Town and City
  • Understand Community Pressure Points and Challenges
  • Provide Critical Thought to Create Achievable Solutions
  • No Cookie Cutter Solution in North Country – Each Community is Unique


  • Provide Professional, Educational Forums for Organizations to Increase Program Effectiveness
  • Equip Agencies with Additional Fundraising Resources
  • Educate Community on Innovative and Best Practices
  • Foster Intimate Collaboration to Enhance Success


  • Targeted and Focused Funding Through Grants
  • Aligned with Community Priorities
  • Complements Other Funding Sources
  • Multi-Year Commitments to Create Stability

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